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Creating solutions through technology, communication, and service excellence.

I am a designer with a passion for learning and empathetic problem solving. UX design allows me to draw on the entirety of my skillset, combining keen observation and a thoughtful approach with organization, personability, and an inquisitive nature. I bring a unique perspective to any challenge. A successful career as a director, supervisor, consultant, designer, and carpenter within a prestigious National Historic Landmark and independently owned small businesses has made me well-rounded and versatile. 

Collaborative leader


Patient Communicator

Thoughtful and Thorough




Google UX Design Certification 2022


Preservation Carpentry

The North Bennet Street School

Forrester CX Foundations 2020

Boston, MA



Service Culture Excellence 2018

The Ritz-Carlton

Santa Rosa Junior College

Santa Rosa, CA


Figma | Adobe XD | Photoshop | Webflow

Work experience

Director of Cemetery Services

Mount Auburn Cemetery | 2018 - present

Cambridge, MA

​Directly managed complex business operations with an emphasis on intradepartmental collaboration, empathetic thinking, and creative problem solving. 

Director of Preservation | Safety Director

Mount Auburn Cemetery | 10 years

Cambridge, MA

Managed care of historically significant sculpture and structures while designing sympathetic solutions within industry best practices. 

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